Some News in Safe Creative

Hi all! Some of you have already seen it, but we’ve changed a couple of things in Safe Creative as a prior step for the next version of the web due in very few months.

For instance now you can put tags relevant to your registered contents.

Now you can register works with various pseudonims associated to your account.

Now there’s a page in which you can see us, the team that try to make Safe Creative match your requests.

For users using contents of other creators now you can get a work certificate. This way you will have a proof of the license that applied to a work at an specific time, avoiding misunderstandings in the future in the case the author decides to change the license of that work. This way we provide a strong added value to give reliability for further use of contents.

Now bulk registry of works goes out of labs and can be done directly from the registry page.

The tags to mark the works can be directly downloaded from the list of registered items. Now you don’t need to access each item to get them.

Talking about tags, now you can add descriptive tags to the contents you register.

Also, if you want to find works registered in Safe Creative you can use our search box in our home. You can try this link too. Also you can try this way:

If you have any trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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