Newsletter 11-17-2008

newsletter 11-17-2008

Hi all

It’s a pleasure to get in touch you with our first newsletter; something we owed you since the beginning of this project, more than one year ago.

I’d like to start telling you that, since July 2008, Safe Creative is part of Communia, an organization founded by the European Commission, in order to create a network of organizations to become a point of reference for theoretical analysis and strategic policy discussion of issues concerning the public domain in the digital environment.

Now a few numbers: We have more than 9.000 users and 40.000 registered works! Thanks a lot for your trust!

¿Do you want to know about the things we are doing or going to do?

First Dinosafe’s comic explaining advantages of Safe Creative (go the comic)

Future improvements

We are gathering and analyzing all the proposals you have sent us to improve the usability of our web. Thanks to everybody for your collaboration and we encourage you to go on sending suggestions.

Also we are developing an open API to be able to create integrations with all kinds of projects in the future.

To end with the novelties just let you know that since a few months ago, we are integrating the ccREL standard based in RDFa approved by W3C in our tag’s and registry page’s html. This way we are getting reado for the semantic web or 3.0 web.


First Technological Summit of Creative Commons in Mountain View, hosted by Google

First Part
Second Part
Our presentation

Announcement in Communia, Amsterdam

We have proposed a standarization initiative called OSCRI (Open Standars for Copyright Registry Interoperability) together with Mike Linksvayer, vicepresident of Creative Commons. On December the 12th we’ll make an official presentation during the Creative Commons Technology Summit in Boston.

Projects we are working together to improve and add value

At present we are working with several projects that have shown interest in the service we provide:,  a recent Spanish startup with all kinds of services for writers (text selling, text corrections, etc…),, the most important copyleft music web in the world,, a great auto publishing project,, and many more!

Some links you just shouldn’t miss

Articles, tutorials and social networks addresses. We are waiting you!

* Guide to bulk registry feature
* Safe Creative’s Twitter. Follow us live!
* Safe Creative’s group on Facebook
* Safe Creative’s page on Facebook
* Our pool on Flickr. Join us and share your registered pictures with us
* Percentage of “all” and “some” rights reserved
* Getting the Registry Label
* Registering posts from Blogger and WordPress

We will be waiting you at Safe Creative and will tell you more news in following newsletters

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