First Dinosafe Comic: Easy to use

Let me introduce Dinosafe, our mascot that will explain to you some of the advantages of Safe Creative. Here’s the first comic by Ramon Redondo:

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  1. A comment:
    At the end of this blog there is the All right reserved (fair enough, if you want to go like that), however I think it will be more community friendly if you use CC licenses for the blog (and blog posts) and of course CC licenses for the material presented here (like the comic above).

    So I think if we suppose to support the very meaning of CC “Help world from failed sharing” we have to implement the idea on our projects as well, I speak that as a CC enthusiast.

    That is cause I felt like the Dino on the comic trying to reach you for a license on my translation.

    -you are welcome to moderate this comment, as it is more a personal note from me to you-

  2. Can I translate the above comic in Greek, I want to present Safe Creative on my blog (, please inform me whether I can or not, as I have already translate in Greek the comic.

    My blog presents creative commons related projects / ideas etc in Greek, in order to make the Greek art community to start use CC and now SC
    Thank you

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