Calendar 2022 Aug Horizonal JP
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About the work

During a live session,I created a calendar planner for August 2022 with japanese days.The project can be used free of charge, but the graphics cannot be extracted separately, as they are licensed differently. Project blog, info and download: Direct Download:

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Code: 2208171797066
Date: Aug 17 2022 04:53 UTC
Author: Francesco Yoshi Gobbo
License: Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0

More information

About the creator

Francesco Yoshi Gobbo [ FraYoshi ]
Francesco Yoshi Gobbo [ FraYoshi ] / Music / Visual arts / Literature

“Seeking inspiration.”

Francesco (Yoshi) Gobbo is an italian guy also know as FraYoshi that loves Computer Science, Technology, the Japanese Language, Star Trek, Stargate, Sci-Fi in general and animations; is a Libre Licenses “advocate”, YouTube/Twitch Streamer, loves Libre Open Source, hates Microsoft, sometime plays some game, sometime codes and generally likes the idea He can continue to study for his whole life but found it out only after finishing the school. Likes Science and obviously, music.

work life

ex-performer in acting, dance and singing, theatrical and not. Today works as a film-maker, mainly in post-production, 3D animations and VFx. As a freelancer works also in web-development and systems-administration.

People He admires

Linus Torvalds | Nikola Tesla | Albert Einstein | Stephen Hawking | Francesco d’Assisi | Elon Musk | Richard Stallman | Edward Snowden

Licenses He prefers

Creative Commons | All Rights reserved but quite some permissions granted included commercial use with or with/o attribution.

Flag Music Genres

Pop | J-Pop | Folk | Japanese Folk | Ambient | Gothic | Cyberpunk | 8-bit | Lo-Fi | EDM | Synthwave | Metal | Punk | Classical | ElectroClassical

Some Favorite Artist

Adrian von Ziegler | Harris Heller | AFI | Complex Numbers | Kevin MacLeod | Avril Lavigne | Hilary Duff | Dark Fantasy Studio | Flux Pavilion | RAVE (italian artist vanished) | J-Ax | Cyberpunkers | Green Day | Evanescence | Paramore | Linking Park | Zero Assoluto | Giovanni Allevi | Eiffel 65 | Blink-182 | Fall Out Boy | T.A.T.U. | Radwimps | Jovanotti | Passenger | Eddie Vedder | Elisa

Say something to the world

Long Life and Prosperity.

PGP Public Key

Francesco Yoshi Gobbo


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