Safe Creative API

Safe Creative API allows you to use the Safe Creative Registry platform services in your applications, plug-ins, etc.

If you want to test our API without the responsibility of using real data, we have a sandbox platform at which behaves exactly as our production platform. You will need an application key to use the API, which can be requested at arena clicking here. You must create a user account in arena if you don’t have one (remember this is a testing platform and data is not shared with our main system). In arena, API keys activation is automatic, and you can create new users for testing purposes, etc. So just start playing around!

API documentation (draft) can be found at

Please, write to if you need help.

That’s all! Well… you should also read our API legal terms of use at the end of this page.

Have fun!

Legal terms

If you want to use our API for professional or commercial purposes, please contact us through our form at Our API is free for non-commercial, non-massive and personal use.

To read our full API legal terms of use:

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