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Safe Creative's API Terms of Use. Free Version

1. Object

This document contains the legal Terms of Use of the free and non-commercial version of Safe Creative's API (Application Programming Interface), a company with home offices in Zaragoza (Spain), at calle Bari núm. 39, 2nd floor.

Despite the explications contained in the User's Guide, available at http://labs.safecreative.net/category/api/, these terms will apply to communications or data exchange processes made between users's and Safe Creative's information systems through this API in its free version. The integration and/or use of this API imply the full acceptance of these terms of use.

If you wish to use the API for professional or commercial purposes, please contact us via our form.

For the purpose of this document, “users” are the natural person or legal entity who uses Safe Creative's API to communicate their information system with Safe Creative's ones, for accessing its Copyright Registry either for searching its content, inscribe or register a work, or delete or modify it, and, in general, any other operation or communication technically possible through the API.

2. Limitations of use

In order to use Safe Creative's API, you have to request access to the system through an alphanumeric key, which identifies and validates your communications with our systems. Please contact us via our form, indicating your tentative uses and purposes.

The API in its free version can be used for non-commercial purposes and for private and non-massive uses.

For means of the present terms, commercial use implies any direct or indirect economic profit, including the use of the API in a process, platform, application, service or system which provides incomes or any other return in kind, or constitutes an economic activity for the corresponding users and/or providers.

Any transmitted data through the API by means of a public search to the Safe Creative's registry is provided solely for informative purposes, and it does not allow the user, by itself of by third parties, to exploit or use in any way none of the registered works.

Therefore, users of Safe Creative API are subject to the correspondent copyrights policy chosen by the right holder for each particular work.

In case Safe Creative detects any unauthorized, massive or intense use of its API, we may contact the corresponding user and, at our sole discretion, interrupt such communications through the API.

3. Data protection

Any transmitted data through the API will be used according to Safe Creative's Privacy Policy available at http://www.safecreative.org/legal. In this regard, users are the sole responsible of such transmission and communication, having to obtain the corresponding authorizations to conduct such transmission. Users will be the sole responsible against any person or entity for any unauthorized or unlawful use of their personal data. Nonetheless, Safe Creative informs that the data provided by its users will be processed in order to be able to inscribe and register the works and information provided by its users in its systems, aiming to provide an adequate Customer Service and to send communications or newsletters about our products or services.

Nevertheless, the publication or display of each registry's contents, including any personal data of the corresponding authors or rightholders, should not be deemed as an authorization to utilize such data for a purpose different than the consultation of this Registry.

4. Guarantees and liability

The API consists on an interface that allows and facilitates automated communications between users and Safe Creative's Registry. When the access to our systems has been authorized, after following the corresponding protocol, users will be able to perform, certain operations with Safe Creative's registry.

Since it has to be integrated in users' systems, Safe Creative does not make any guarantee regarding the proper functioning of the Registry, unless Safe Creative has controlled and supervised this process, directly or through an authorized provider. In any case, Safe Creative could not be liable for any error or interruption of the communications, or in any inscription, annotation, searching or any other operation executed through the API provided by it.

In no event will Safe Creative be liable to users or any third party of any direct or indirect damages arising out or related to the API or the data provided by users, including, but not limited, to damages on any computer, system, service or network.