Safe Creative will help you monetize your work with Creators

At Safe Creative we know how hard it is to create a work. Throughout these years we have learned from your concerns and that pays off. Soon you will be able to monetize your work using your subscription.

We will adapt our registration tool in what will be a milestone for creators: You will soon be able to exhibit and monetize your work in a modern website that supports creators and the safe dissemination of their work.

Now you will be able to obtain the benefits of your work, in the safest way, from your Safe Creative Creators profile. An innovative platform that facilitates the creation and sale of licenses for the use of your work, with the security and transparency provided by the licensing transaction of your rights in an NFT.

Remember everything you can do to protect and then you will be able to monetize your work:

We recently included the possibility start creating proofs of your creative process before you have even finished your very first version of the work to be published.

Register your draft:

Creating proofs even before having the work minimally finished is essential to prove that you are the author. In Safe Creative you can create a folder in which you can include from a file with a brief text about what you are going to do, to all kinds of elements that will form, or not, part of your work. Register your creative process and then link it to the work when it is finished or with the possibility of being published and shown.

Proofs of your creative process

Register your work:

Whether or not you register your creative process, what you do need is to have elements that demonstrate the authorship of your work. Although the rights arise from creating the work, nowadays, and more so on the Internet, if you are plagiarized or your work is used without authorization, you will need to be able to prove that you had access to the work as soon as you finished it. You can do this by registering online with Safe Creative, with immediate proofs from the comfort of your computer. And if you register before showing or sharing the work with anyone else, no one can have better proof. No one.

The best technological proof that exists in the world for very little:

We take care of creating the author’s proof using the most modern and robust cryptographic technology. Impossible to forge and virtually impossible to refute. A permanent proof, burned in blockchain as well and usable worldwide (well, all nations that have signed the Berne Convention, of course). And you have the proof from minute one; no waiting and no more paperwork. No need to pay for registration and then pay to obtain each certificate. A single payment includes registration, certificates, rectifications and proofs with no limits if you have s subscription.

Exhibit your work and… start making your work profitable!

And as we said very soon you will be able to see what we are preparing. A new environment to showcase your work in your creator profile with your subscription and then monetize your work thanks to NFT technology. SafeCreators is renamed Creators and will be on the Safe Creative menu eventually.

Profit from your work

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