License signing, double factor, GoogleDrive and more

In these months we have been improving the use of the platform and increasing the capabilities of the advanced accounts. Much of this work has to do with performance, but you can try some interesting changes now, such as:

  • Sign license agreements online.
  • Login with double verification factor.
  • Standardized related rights statement.
  • Registration of works included in subfolders in GoogleDrive.

As we have said, you can now sign license agreements online from (Services – Contract wizard – + Generate new contract) using the Safe Stamper Signature product for free for all users of Professional and Corporate accounts.

We are working to improve the security of the accounts in the coming months. Now you can activate double verification to start the session. When you go to log in, we will send you a code to your email to validate the access.

Declaration of interoperable related rights: When we obtain a license to use a work by another author, we can declare it now in professional accounts (paying for this declaration) and free of charge in corporate accounts. Now you can chose most common types of rights from a list of standard terms to interoperate with other services in the future.

Subfolders in GoogleDrive: We will now register the files in the subfolders within the authorized folder in the automated registration.

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