Safe Stamper adds Blockchain to its proofs

Since January 2, 2020, all the proofs generated in Safe Stamper incorporate the strength of the Ethereum blockchain.

What is blockchain?

It is a database in which all types of computers worldwide participate in a distributed way to validate that the written information is correct. Thus, what has already been written cannot be altered in the future. Anybody can check at any time what exact information was at a given time. To know more we recommend the following link:

What does it mean to add an Ethereum audit file to Safe Stamper?

The tests generated in Safe Stamper are based on the proven strength of the approved time stamps. With the audit elements of the blockchain we achieve that the proofs are permanent and totally independent of Safe Stamper. As long as the user has the original documents and certificates, he or she can use the proof at any time in the future.

How does it work?

The system is similar to the one we have been using with great success in Safe Creative since last year. You can read more in the following link:

A picture is worth a thousand words, but we’ll use words too.

The audit system generates every 24 hours an electronic document in XML format . It carries the relation of cryptographic footprints of all certificates generated in Safe Stamper. We incorporate the hash of the XML file into the blockchain.

Instead of containing the certificates themselves or any information included in them, it lists the fingerprints of each evidence. If the fingerprint of the certificate corresponds to that included in the audit file, it’s guaranteed that it’s the same document.

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Remember to download the certificates, as well as the audit certificate of blockchain and XML files for future checks:

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