New certification services for files and geolocated photos

Safe Stamper new home 2016
New Safe Stamper‘s homepage design.

This Christmas we have some awesome gifts ready for you, and we can’t wait for you to try them and share your thoughts with us.

Safe Stamper’s website has been redesigned, in order to make it even easier to navigate. Also, the new design features two brand new services which are joining the Safe Stamper family.

Besides web content and emails, now you will be able to certify photographs taken from your cellphone and also digital files.

Certification of geolocated photos

Safe Stamper Photo is a new tool you can use to certify the exact date, hour, and coordinates from which you took a photo.

We recommend to use it whenever you find yourself involved in an accident, or in any kind of event for which you may require evidence later on. For example, a robbery, or if you are witness of something suspicious.

You can take the pictures from Safe Stamper’s Photo app, available to download on Google Play (Android) and on the Apple Store (iOS).

Android "Get it on Google Play" button 

Once you take a photo from the app, you will receive a certificate including a copy of the picture itself, the coordinates from your cellphone’s geolocation system, Safe Stamper’s electronic signature, and the corresponding timestamp.

Certification of digital files

Certification service for the existence of digital files

Using Safe Stamper File you can prove the existence of a digital file, any sort of file, on a certain date.

Use it to protect yourself against copyright infractions, disclosure of trade secrets, plagiarism, etc. Just upload the file to Safe Stamper, and you will receive a certificate with 4 different cryptographic hashes that will allow the unequivocal identification of the file. The certificate also includes Safe Stamper’s electronic signature and the corresponding timestamp.

We hope you find the new web easy to navigate and these new tools useful.

Leave your opinions here, via @SafeCreative, or on Facebook! Stay Safe!

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