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How to gift someone a Safe Creative account

As many of you have requested this in the past, now it’s possible to gift corporate and professional Safe Creative accounts to other users. (Yay!) A useful and convenient gift for friends, collaborators, or clients who may need it.

How to send someone a free account

  1. Log in and go to Settings > Account gifts.
  2. Click on “+ Gift account” and select what kind of account you want (professional or corporate), and how many.
  3. After completing your payment, you will find a gift code corresponding to each account on the table in the table of this “Gift Accounts” section. In order to send the gift, click on the envelope icon that you will see on the “Actions” column.

Gift Safe Creative Account

As simple as that! We will send an email to the lucky person including the code and a custom message by you.

Sample mail gift account Safe Creative

Or if you prefer, you can give the code to the person in any other way. They only need to enter it at the last step before completing their purchase in order to use the 100% discount.

Each code is equal to one year of Safe Creative premium membership. Remember that all codes are unique, and they can only be used once.

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