Safe Creative on Soundreef

Soundreef and Safe Creative announce strategic collaboration

Safe Creative on Soundreef


Soundreef and Safe Creative are happy to announce the beginning of a collaboration agreement that will develop during 2015. The coming months will be an exciting time for both companies as they work together to develop and provide a greater service to their members, encapsulating royalty collection and copyright services.

The European Commission’s recent directive regarding copyright and related rights has created an environment in which artists have the possibility to effectively maximize their royalties and protect their creativity with new digital technologies. Soundreef and SafeCreative are front runners in this revolution and with artists increasingly looking for new solutions to ever growing demands, continuous development is the only answer.


Royalty collection

Soundreef provides high quality background music for every type of business around the world and it licenses music for live events gathering and distribute royalties to the artists. A more efficient and transparent system for artists with clear reporting and payments is the core value.


I believe that Safe Creative and Soundreef are two companies that are leading a new European revolution in the music industry,” said Francesco Danieli, CEO of Soundreef. “It makes sense for these two companies to partner up to help artists save money, protect their rights and collect their royalties.


We are excited that Soundreef is joining us in the mission to provide creators with strong authorship proofs, as according to the Berne Convention,” said Juan Palacio, CEO of Safe Creative. “At the same time, our users will find Soundreef to be one of the most thriving communities to help them make the most of their music.


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