Safe Creative unifies the Premium and Professional account services.

  • Safe Creative’s account model is simplified: Basic or free, professional and corporate
  • The professional account becomes more affordable by lowering its price.
  • All Premium accounts are upgraded to Professional ones, with more services at a lower price.

Safe Creative joins into a single account the premium and professional services thus leaving three the ones that can be contracted: basic, professional and corporate. This way current premium accounts extend their functionalities with which until now were typical of professional ones. This change does not involve any cost, and in turn the price of professional account is lowered from 85 to €60.


In addition to these changes, all accounts will have the same available storage space to hold the registration evidence of the works: 20Gb, as well as access to the general inquiries about copyrights service that will be answered by copyright experts.

To ensure the strength of the generated evidence of all records that are made on any account, they will remain indefinitely in our systems and will be regularly revised to apply any new technological developments as they occur. Links and public registration information services will be permanent in any active professional and corporate account. In basic accounts public information services and records management will remain active for 12 months after inscription and can be turned back on by upgrading the account at any time.



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