Registrations filtering, coauthors in profiles and more…

Safe_Creative_My_registrations_-_2014-03-24_15.09.02We continue making improvements to our premium and higher Safe Creative accounts and now we want to share some of them with you all. We really hope you find them useful!:

  • Registration list filtering: When you have dozens or hundreds of works, it can get to be a bit difficult to manage them, so we’ve introduced the ability to introduce filters to make it easier to work with them: You can filter by status, type of work, type of license applied and in corporate accounts is also possible to filter them by clients you or your company represent.
  • Automatically add request to coauthors of works in registration profiles: When you add new or edit registration profiles you can now set coauthors to be invited each time a work is registered under that profile. This is a simple way to automate the process when some registrations must always associate one or several coauthors, as in the case of music bands, etc…
  • Safe_Creative_Edit_work_1403190384711_-_2014-03-24_15.08.31Upload evaluation versions from editing page: Now it’s much easier to upload evaluation versions of works as it will be done directly from within the editing page of the registration. You have only to go the registration item for which you want to upload an evaluation or demo version and click on the button next to “evaluation” in the “Files” section. You may upload a file for third parties to have a limited view of the work, such as the first chapter of your book, or a few seconds of a song. Slightly further to the right you can configure which of all the files can be downloaded from the specific information registration page: the entire work or the evaluation file.
  • Learn about the producers and broacasters using CreaTVplace: If you already have television formats at you now can see some companies specialized in TV formats that could see your projects. Some will be quite familiar.

If you haven’t a premium or higher account yet, visit this link now to get yours.


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