Paid Safe Creative accounts now include free MailStamper certifications

Mail Stamper certifies the sending of emails: date, time, recipients and content, especially useful to protect your authorship when sending the first versions of a work (models, designs, novels, TV Formats, photographs, etc…) avoiding that the one who receives it claims the idea as of his or her own by saying it isn’t true that a email had been sent before (more information).
Safe Creative users of premium and higher accounts will have now available::
Account What they get
Premium Pack of 10 MailStamper certificates
Professional Pack of 50 MailStamper certificates
Corporate one year subscription to MailStamper’s professional account
If you use any of this accounts you will have this services for free in MailStamper and you can activate them from this page.
If you already had an account at MailStamper, it will be updated with the services and if not you can sign up for free with and the services will be included.

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