Better registration from Facebook in Safe Creative

imagesWe’ve listened to your comments about the automatic registration from Facebook and have come with some changes in the way in which the works are recorded through the social network:

  • Now you can make registrations from Facebook pages you manage too!
  • Type of content to be registered can be defined from the beginning: text or images.
  • You can opt to have the system automatically write as a comment, the link which will point to the information page of the work.

To use this features we highly recommend removing the automation that you already have and re-enlist it, as we will need new permits.

This is a professional and corporate feature.

To use it do as follows:

1.- Log into your account

2.- Go to “Services – Automatic registrations”

3.- Select “Facebook” on the right.

4.- “New registration from Facebook”

5.- Follow the wizard. You can add your personal wall, or a page you manage. Authorization will be required.



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