New features in Safe Creative: Facebook, rights declarations, notifications…

These are the new features just added to Safe Creative:

Automated registration of publications in Facebook.

Simply log into your Safe Creative account and go to “My Account – Automated Registrations – Facebook”, select a registration profile and validate it at Facebook when prompted.
Thereafter, to record the images or texts post you send to Facebook, simply add the hashtag #safecreative.


Area alerts and notifications

Also available in the menu bar area you will find a simple way to see and manage possible notifications and actions reminders that require your attention (inscriptions on pre-registration, automated registration alerts, etc..)

New feature: specific rights registration

Now, besides authorship and own default rights, you can also record specific rights to a third party’s right, indicating the type of right, the percentage, the geographical scope and distribution window you have.



And also happy to announce our welcome to two new partners who will use ourregistration to provide security to its users:

The first one with the registration already implemented is, a newly launched platform for a innovative way to self-promote and sell your music. You’ll find the information here:

And the second is a proyect that soon will incorporate the automatic registration in Safe Creative: a platform for new writers to be discovered both by fans and publishers and operating with in a novel and especially constructive way.

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