What if we disappear?

A question we get quite often is about death; death of a proyect, of a company. It’s a fact, not that there’s a possibility that a company might dissapear, but when will this happen. Of course we want to exist for many many years, but it’s true that someday, in a few centuries of course, we will go away as happens with any other company that today exists. And what will happen with all that’s been registered?

First thing is that’s the main reason behind adding quite some time ago a redundant independent, officially recognized timestamp. This means that if you have the registration certificate of the work registered (you can get it starting with the premium account and from previously recorded works too), and a digital copy of the registered file in your computer or other storage service, you will be able to proof your authorship and other rights even if Safe Creative is no longer there. And this is also this way because to identify the file itself we use the best hashes around. If we see we have to close or change, will inform our users with enought time to act upon this and most probably will facilitate ways to download all this vital information.

The second thing is that we are in close touch with other registries, no matter private or public and with institutions such as WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) in order to be able to transfer our registration information prior consent from users. This way the registration information might stay still publicly accesible.

Of course, any other idea or proposal is most welcome.

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