Milestones, usabilty and changes in free accounts

We are more than 80,000 registered users in Safe Creative. We know it’s just a number, but for us it’s also an important milestone that we want to share and especially thank to you all.

We also thank the excellent reception given to the new service, which opened last month for email sending certification and which uses the technology of Safe Creative: MailStamper. For those who do not know it yet, we invite you to check it out because it is especially useful for demonstrating the sending of works the moment the email was sent and the recipients.

More news?

  • We’ve refurbished the registration screens making it a three-step wizard that sets the type of work (literary, music, video …) and makes the process simpler and intuitive.
  • We have improved the subclassification of audiovisual works, following suggestions from professional audiovisual creators, so previously registered videos have now been classified with the criteria used by the professional audiovisual sector, or in the absence of a specific criteria remain as “Video: other” and if you wish, and from the edit screen, you can adjust the subcategory that best suits your work.
  • Also with the change of the registration screens we have removed the registration of text typed or copied and pasted directly in the text box because of the confusion usually produced (users including the title of the work, a blog url, or the description of the license. ..). The elimination of the feature to register texts directly and the recent improvements in the automatic registration of blogs through feeds, turned senseless the use of the bookmarklet feature (utility to register an editing blog article from the browser). As said registration via RSS is the most suitable option to register blogs.
  • In line with the “freemium” spirit of Safe Creative, or free of charge service for occasional or non-professional, non-intensive uses, we have set the possibility to register up to 15 records with all rights reserved in free of charge accounts. Of course those who now have more than 15 records with all rights reserved will keep them in their accounts untouched.
  • Nonprofit or nonprofessional publications mainly use “copyleft” and therefore the registrations without all rights reserved do not have this limitation in the free of charge use.

Anyone needing intensive registrations with all rights reserved for some not professional or non-profit organizations purpose -NGOs, or nonprofit or professional projects by which nature there’s a need to perform numerous all rights reserved registrations- please contact us.

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