Digital stamping and registration available for any project or idea

Publishing, editing or any other innovative project can now incorporate Safe Creative’s stamping and registration engine to both protect their works -generating creation dates and authorship evidence- and give birth to new ideas and business models.

  • Fully operational within 24 hours of hire.
  • A private stamping and registration service.
  • A private intranet and an application that automatically sends all files from computers to register and stamp.
  • Including an API to connect any system that requires stamping and registration.

Madrid, June 25, 2012. Safe Creative, worldwide leader in online private registration of copyrights, launches SerialStamper: The service that allows any business and project to incorporate the most robust digital system for registering and stamping, sized to any need.

In the digital changing and volatile environment, where nothing seems to remains unchanged for a long time, providing technically irrefutable evidence to show when a file or content started to exist and that it hasn’t be altered since then, becomes especially relevant. “The independent digital stamping and registering, not only offers clear improvements in speed and efficiency to organizations that need these elements of security,” says Juan Palacio, CEO of Safe Creative “but opens the door to new, valuable and interesting services, saving in production costs and maintenance.

Architects, photography and legal associations, smartphone application developers, insurance companies, auditors and almost any existing project that creates or manages contents and files can benefit from the possibilities of SerialStamper. Entrepreneurs of innovative projects and applications can generate evidence of creation and authorship of files to avoid and defend against plagiarism and usurpations; and all with the guarantee of Safe Creative.

During the promotional phase of SerialStamper there exist favorable conditions for hiring.

For more information: or calling (+34) 976-074-896

About Safe Creative
Safe Creative is the leading company in online copyrights registration. It focuses on creating tools that work for the open, free and independent copyright registration in web environments. Thanks to the work of Safe Creative more than 75,000 authors can easily and intuitively self manage the rights of their works and take advantage of the semantic potential that registering in the platform brings to those contents.

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