TalentyArt partners with SafeCreative

Now TalentyArt users will be able to use Safe Creative’s registration services right from their accounts, in order to create a valid authorship proof as soon as they upload their contents.

Thanks to the double timestamping and other technologies, Safe Creative’s register is the best solution to add value to those user generated content projects that need to protect their users’ copyrights in the digital era.

Projects and end users will find other benefits in Safe Creative, like the self selling and licensing platform. Also end users needing to have accurate information and proof of the license that applies to a specific content at a specific time, will be able to request digitally signed registration declarations.

What is TalentyArt?

TalentyArt is athevirtual portal on contemporary art. An online platform that offers: news, interviews, art, artists of the moment, exhibitions, galleries, museums, schools, courses, events and forums.
A website for artists, galleries, collectors, critics, curators and art lovers, offering various types of services and where you can register and create your own gallery for free.

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