Welcome to Creative People

Safe Creative has opened a window for those creators using its oline registry.

Authors asked for it.
They needed a more practical search system.
What better than an online shop window?

Welcome to CreativePeople

By visiting Creative People (dot) sc you can view all the works registered as public with permited download.
If you see something you like, you can vote for it, and so the page will be changing to show the most valued creations.
The search box shows different kind of works: music, literature, artistic, video and others, to find, among them, the one you really need.
You might also locate those works to buy copies of and or to directly license them with the rights holders by going back to Safe Creative’s independent sale and licensing platform.
Now artists gain visibility and will be valued by CreativePeople’s visitors. The TOP-10 will show the most valued ones. Therefore it’s very important that all works are correctly labeled as the type of works they really are so people will find what they are looking for.

Now the creators that register with Safe Creative are Creative People.

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