Contest Sponsorship by Safe Creative

Safe Creative can help you with the contests for creative authors you are thinking of, being both a sponsor and/or offering the right tools to contribute to the success of it.

Safe Creative proposes you to tell us your project, and if we like it and suits our vision and project, we will help you sponsoring at least part of it. Don’t doubt it, contact us and let’s talk. We want to know about it.

But besides that, Safe Creative offers to any other contest very important tools. We describe two of them:

1.- If you are organizing the contests, you can add in the rules the need of the work to be registered with Safe Creative, creating therefore an independent authorship claim proof. This will avoid, as much as possible, for you to get works not created by the ones who send them. Creating this proof in our servers means that you have an electronic secure statement. This proof is so strong it’s virtually invulnerable.

2.- If you are taking part in contests, whether the registration in Safe Creative is or not in the rules, you might better register with us to avoid any plagiarism or work misuse temptation . Create your free of charge authorship proof requesting contests to respect your copyrights, although you might perfectly give them specific rights to use the work.

Safe Creative is the independent and neutral platform that gives tools for anybody and is very interested into encouraging creativity. Since contests are essential for the promotion of creativity, what are you waiting for to tell us your project?

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