Contest Winners SafeCreative API

It has been incredibly difficult to pick the best ones, but after many hours of deliberation we can announce the winners of the contest for applications and plug-ins for Safe Creative’s API. And are:

1st prize: José Pascual Ortiz Sanchez
With his proposal: SafeBook
What to point out?: A great application for Facebook, therefore with great projection which allows registration of any file besides images in the social network. The product is well documented and has a clear code with comments.
He will get a Sony Vaio W11S1E/T

2nd Prize: Daniel Herrero Davila
With his proposal: Zend PHP Wrapper
What to point out?: This is a complete wrapper for a especially important framework. The code is well documented and clear. Includes illustrative usage examples.
He will get a PS3 Slim 120 GB

3rd Prize: Alberto Luis Gimeno Brieba
With his proposal: Work Shaver
What to point out?: Simplifies the selection of the type of license. It has a very good presentation and can tie in to social networks. Good usability and integration with the operating system. Creates an API in Objective-C.
Will win a portable Console GP2X Wiz

We also want to thanks and congratulate the other participants for their contributions and hard work. We will comment some of the most prominent of them in coming posts.

The jury has been composed by:

David Castanon (Safe Creative Technical Director)
Jorge Guillen (Safe Creative Software Engineer)
Manuel Polo (Safe Creative Software Engineer)
Pablo Carranza (Safe Creative Software Engineer)

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