Newsletter October 2009

Hi all,

There is much to tell and little time, so we are going to update you with some of the developments and news around Safe Creative.Hope you like them!

* Lets begin by commenting that we have our open API running so you can create any type of application to register and / or consult our registry. To encourage developers to create applications to interact with Safe Creative we just launched a contest. You can check the rules here.

* To illustrate its basic operation we have also created a test plugin for Firefox to identify the author and rights of registered pictures when found in the Web not depending on the metadata. Works for verbatim copies but soon cropped and resized pictures will be identified too.

*, the leader books self-publishing platform in Spain, has just incorporated into its system the possibility for them to register their works in Safe Creative directly from their control panel. The innovative literary project uses our open APIs as websites such as and are already doing for music tracks.

* Advanced searches and counters directly on “My works” view. Now you can search for specific contents through the advanced search feature and see the number of views and certificate request of your works without having to enter in each work’s page.

* After several requests of photographers we can tell you that now thumbnails are also experimentaly generated for RAW files, so if you want you can try to register this kind of files too and see how it works.

* There are more things, but we know you are busy. We encourage you to browse our blog and follow our Twitter updates.

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