The New Safe Creative is here

The New Safe Creative is here and brings quite a few novelties. Maybe the most important is not to be externally seen, because it’s on the internal side. We have changed the whole architecture with the aim of being more agile to bring new features to the site and strengthen the security of registered contents.

Besides this main change, we are going to highlight some of the key changes you can actually see and use. Just mention that in the next months we are going to introduce some very cool features to the site and will be informing as soon as possible.

* Redesign of the site: We have greatly improved the design and usability of the site. Now the browsing is much easier and registering is more intuitive than ever. We might highlight the new home, menus, important changes in the page to upload and register works and the new ways to administrate registered works.

New Safe Creative's home
Public view with work's details

* Customizable public profile: Users now can create their own public space by creating a special link to their public profile. A place show their works and to get feedback from their public. Also they can decide how to be contacted, if the choose to to allow this, of course. They can make their email public or allow only to be contacted through a form.

Now you can have a custom public profile

* New ways to register: Now you can also register by pasting the exact URL from which Safe Creative can download your work. You don’t have to first download it yourself into the computer and then send it to Safe Creative.

All the different ways to upload files together

* New search tools: The search tools are completely new and much faster now. Although during the first days, searches will be limited until all works from past year get indexed, in a few days you will be able to search by the tags added to the contents. Also, when pictures, you will be able to see thumbnails of the images (this feature will start working as soon as the indexation of previously registered works is finished,).

* Use your own licenses: If you have your own customized license you can add it to your account at Safe Creative and register your works with it. Keep in mind it’s very important to have legal advice whenever you want to have a customized license.

Ejemplo de cómo se pueden incluir licencias propias en Safe Creative
Example of how to add your own licenses to your account at Safe Creative

* Batch actions on your registrations: Some times you want to do the same thing to a number of works at a time. Now you will be able to start doing batch procedures to your registered works. And in the future more features will be added.

* New API with semantic technology capabilities: We have added an API so that other projects and programs will be able to openly query Safe Creative’s public database to get in return vital information about works and their rights. This feature will open a new world of possibilities for copyrights in the digital era. The API will be fully operative by the end of July, and will allow copyright queries from desktops, social networks or web browsers with the proper plugins anybody will be able to create. This feature’s will apply to pictures and music first, and the will cover the rest of possible contents aswell as transformations of those contents to track and identify the original one. And all without altering your files, just using recognition patterns!

Asking Safe Creative's API through prototyped plugin for Firefox (coming soon)
Safe Creative answers after getting the image patterns the plugin sent
Same queries can be performe from your own desktop

We will giving you more information in future posts with guides and advices for the new version. Welcome to the next era of copyright registries.

Safe Creative #0906114001295

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