After the Creative Commons Technology Summit

The Creative Commons Tech Summit is over. It’s been quite an intense day in which many interesting things have been said about registry sistems, the use of licenses and the semantinc web, or “data web” as many did prefer to refer as.

During the next days we will be pointing the most important points that went under discussion. We believe that many trascendent things have been said and want to make a deep and precise analysis not to lose a bit of relevant information.

But what it’s been cristal clear that registry services are necesary and the perfect complement that will help increase the use use of free licenses in the new 3.0 semantic web. Actually the real complicated road starts now thus it’s essential that the main actors of this reality can follow some common steps to be able to provide security and confidence to creators and content users. Today the first stone has been placed to build this new experience.

Photography by Joi Ito under a (cc) by license of Javier Prenafeta speaking about SafeCreative during the summit

Joi Ito, Juan Palacio and Javier Prenafeta

Joi Ito (CC CEO) with Juan Palacio (SafeCreative CEO) and Javier Prenafeta (Legal Counselor)

Lawrence Lessig, Juan and Javier

Mr. Lawrence Lessig (CC founder) with Juan Palacio (SafeCreative CEO) and Javier Prenafeta (Legal Counselor)

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