Percentage of “all” and “some” rights reserved

At this moment there are already 18,000 registered works in Safe Creative and only one out of four chooses coyleft right options.

It’s odd

At the beginning of the project we would have bet for the opposite trend, convinced that a global register could become more useful for the copyleft options, in which, as some rights are free, it seems logical to suposse that they need more protection against not authorised uses.

It’s possible that the reason for this difference is because the works with all rights reserved are a majority, or because their authors prefer to register their rights, or … (?)

The percentages of licenses used in 18,000 registered works are:

Copyright vs Copyleft

72.8% – All rights reserved
12.9% – CC Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives
6.3% – CC Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike
3.3% – CC Attribution Non-commercial
2.1% – CC Attribution
1.2% – CC Attribution Share Alike
0.7% – CC Attribution No Derivs
0.4 – GNU LGPL
0.3% – GNU GPL
0.1% – GNU FDL

2 Replies to “Percentage of “all” and “some” rights reserved”

  1. Isaac, you are absolutely true. Only GPL and CC by-sa can be considered copyleft licenses. It’s common to find the term “copyleft” in general talk referred to Creative Commons like licenses, and that’s why we used this term in this old post. But you are right, “copyleft” as used here is not the correct term. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Why do you label all that is not copyright as copyleft? Actually all those licenses operate as an extension of copyright; and only the ones that require you to publish derivatives under the same license are considered copyleft, i.e. the GPL, CC Attribution-Share Alike, etc.

    Creative Commons Attribution isn’t a copyleft license, No Derivs and No Commercial aren’t either.

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