Automatic Registering Tool

Automatic Registering Tool is a program that facilitates the automatic registering of works from your computer converting it into your own intellectual property registry.

WindowsWindows SafeCreative-ART.v0.7.4
(Java: GNU/Linux etc.): SafeCreative ART muliplatform v0.7.4
(you must have Java version 1.6 installed)
(Mac OS X) Safe Creative ART MacOSX v0.7.5

The program is easily installed on your computer allowing the definition of folders whose contents are recorded under a previously created profile in your account at Safe Creative.


Install the program and state from what folders does it have to take the works and under what profile must them be registered. Each time you add a new file to that folder, the work will be automatically registered with the predefined profile.

So you can have a folder for pictures, another for newspaper articles, other for songs, and works will be registered in Safe Creative as works are added to those folders.

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