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What is public information and registration management?

The public information of the registration, by its nature, refers to: The title of the registered work, the name of the author/s or rights holder/s, and the declared reservation of rights.

This information can be provided by the author through his URL or the informative labels generated by each registration with the purpose of informing, dissuading and warning when communicating or publishing his/her works. 

The information can be consulted in the Safe Creative registration through its code, the author's name or the name of the work: Consultation of registrations.

The management of registrations with active subscription or individual payment, makes it possible to download the original and certified files, declaration of all rights reserved, the type of registration information displayed, etc.

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  • Public information and management links are active for professional and business subscribers.
  • Without subscription, public information services remain active for 12 months after registration and can be reactivated at any time by subscribing to the platform.
  • Paid individual registrations offer public information, if you have chosen to do so, for 12 months following your registration.
  • If you had a subscription, and you do not renew, the information services will remain active for 12 months after registration.

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