FAQs Safe Creative - What does the professional subscription include?

What does the professional subscription include?

Unlimited use of the following services:

  • Registration of works with ©.
  • Creators membership to publish portfolio, exhibit works and sell with NFT licenses
  • Download of registration certificates and rights registrations.
  • Download of proofs of registration of worldwide permanent validity.
  • Automated registrations by feed, Dropbox, Google Drive and Google Photos.Registration of versions of works.
  • Registration of co-authorships.
  • 15 Gb of storage space (expandable).
  • Notification of improper use of a registered work (Cease and Desist).
  • Contract drafting wizard
  • Public profile page with registration information.
  • Use of pseudonym (in the registration of works and/or in the public profile page).
  • Configuration of all registrations: Activation or deactivation of public information, license modification, linking to other works or versions, etc.
  • Statistics.

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