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Automatic registering through feeds

The automatic feed registering is used to automatically register the posts on a blog as they get published by generating PDF screenshots of what's at display at the links provided by the RSS feed. To use it you have to associate the feed with a previously created profile.

To access the functionality you have to:

  • Lo into your account
  • Go to “Services – Automatic registrations – Registration feeds”
  • Click on “+Add a new work feed”
  • Follow the wizard’s instructions


Maye sure your blog doesn't automatically display popups or confirmation boxes as would hide the content that is captured in PDF format by taking screenshots with our Safe Stamper technology.

Some websites provide different content depending on specific design characteristic, or the place from which the query is received, or the characteristics of the browser that's being used. The information displayed, layout or content accessed, etc., may change based on the country. Content may also adjust to fit the size of mobile devices. This is why sometimes the information received by the certification server of Safe Stamper may not be exactly the same as the one visible from another IP address or browser and, in certain occasions, as when the website requires user interaction, or due to specific design features of the blog the information may not even be accesible to be automatically registered.

You can also register file feeds, image feeds such as Flickr, Instagram, or podcasts introducing the the specific feed for those contents.

Important: Some blogs, for example in Wordpress, with special themes and designs, may not be suitable for the automatic and / or complete registration of posts as some designs change the behaviour of the whole blog and our automtic system isn't able to foresee the links where the works are. If the page has floating, dynamic or interactive advertisements that cover parts of the web, they can affect the automatic registration and even stop it. It is important to periodically check that everything is registering correctly.


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