Singular Melody: An Embrace of Clarity and Shadows
Jonathan Arroyo
Estado de Mexico - Mexico
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In "Singular Melody," a young woman in a gothic dress dances with liberating grace in an opulent ballroom. Under a ray of light that illuminates a confident and full smile in the privacy of a dance, while shadows and lights intertwine and weave an enigmatic atmosphere. The image evokes a profound encounter for each one, celebrating the personal inner symphony that blossoms when darkness and light intertwine.

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Date: Aug 15 2023 02:37 UTC
Author: Johny John Silver
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Jonathan Arroyo
Jonathan Arroyo / Visual arts

Hello, I hope you are very well. I am a creator of illustrations which are intended to evoke feelings and emotions that fill your heart, be welcome and take a look at my works to see what you feel. I send you a hug

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