cotoneaster in my garden
Isabel Tapias Tapias
San Roman de Cayon - Spain
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About the work

Fruto de cotoneaster

Registered at Safe Creative

Code: 2210092273024
Date: Oct 9 2022 14:01 UTC
Author: Isabel Tapias Tapias
License: All rights reserved

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About the creator

Isabel Tapias was born in Madrid and started at graphic designer, illustration, airbrushing and fine art, she worked in advertising collaborating with several magazines designing covers with airbrush. - IDG communication group -Kunzer international -Nintendo -Equi-dos magazine However, she continued with her oil painting. INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS 2023- 5th to 8th May Selected work for ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2022- 5th to 8th Auugust. Exhibition selected work ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2022 6th May to 24th June Exhibition ESPACIO DE ARTE CONTEMPORANEO REOCIN (CANTABRIA ) 2022 18th April collective exhibition X- POWER GALLERY TAIWAN 2022 9th to 17th April VIP EXHIBITION ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI 2021- 7th -10th WORLD ART DUBAI ART FAIR 2020- Selected work for INTERNATIONAL ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI ART FAIR. 6th-10th August. 2020- SCHEDULED FOR JUNE PREVIOUS EXHIBITION AT X-POWER GALLERY TAIWAN. . 2019- INTERNATIONAL SALON OF CONTEMPORARY ART. VERSALLES GATE (PARIS) 2019- Spazio dinamico di arte (FIRENZE) ITALY. 2018- LUXEMBURG ART FAIR (December) 2018- Corte Ingles Santander Exhibition. 2017- 30th June 2th July INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR MALAGA. 2017- GALERIA FARIZA (Bilbao) 2016- BIAF BARCELONA INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2016- NEW ARTIST FAIR LONDON 2015- Santoña (Cantabria) cultural house 2014- MUSEO FUNDATION JESUS OTERO Santillana del Mar (Santander). 2012- CASTRO ROOM cultural center in town hall of Castro Urdiales (Santander) 2008- Madrazo cultural center (Santander) 2008- Alfonso XII cultural center Madid city council. 2006- Exhibition in BANKIA BANK (Madrid). 1999- Boadilla del monte ( Madrid) cultural center.. 1988- PICASO ROOM. Colmenar Viejo town hall (Madrid) NOMINATIONS 2020- FINALIST SICAB CONTEST SPAIN 2021- FINALIST NFT CONTEST ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI

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