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About the work

Production name: Redemer

Production type: Movie

Production genre: Series

Logline Project: A young virgin literature professor possesses the power of thousands to free tormented beings.

Learn more about the film: Johan Alberto Rodríguez Larsen, is chosen to rescue ghosts, monsters, murderers, supernatural beings, he is shy, an only child, he is afraid of the dark, a virgin, (that's where his power comes from) he is a literature teacher at a public school, without knowing it, he is chosen to free all those beings from their torments.

In each episode, Johan travels in time to help the future being not become an evil being, by achieving this each being becomes an angel of light.

Johan could become anyone.

The demonic spirits are imprisoned in an old prison, which is also spectral (it is in another dimension to which Johan has access) and where they begin to build a shopping center.

Johan develops all kinds of powers to help these beings dominate the evil within him.

As the redeemer defeats evil, he has the power of evil within him and thus becomes an all-powerful being.

He lives in a basement, alone, in the house of an elderly aunt, he is an orphan.

But in one of the episodes, he discovers that his parents are imprisoned by powerful evil beings.

The love of his life becomes paraplegic due to an accident with one of these beings; he only communicates with a device connected to a computer.

As the Redeemer defeats the evil beings, they all become trapped in a hermetic capsule, which does not allow the exit of any type of immaterial matter in the same prison.

The Redeemer in the end must give up his life to save the love of his life, it is the end of the series.

The beings freed from his demons become Johan's allies and help him in his subsequent missions.

Johan has a board where the symbols of the black zodiac are, as he frees his victims from their demons, these demons remain imprisoned in jail and then gather them all and put them inside the board and once and for all the thirteen demons will remain. imprisoned for a thousand years.

Redeemer and the Guardians, second season.

Redeemer 72, third season.


Johan Alberto Rodríguez Larsen, a young literature professor, is chosen to free humanity from the torments of his virgin, intelligent, shy parents.

Aunt Olga, old woman, she always cooks beans for Johan, she always reads him a verse from the Bible about the redeemer, she takes Johan to church since he was little.

Jessica, a classmate from church, school, work, falls in love with Johan, but she has an accident that leaves her paraplegic. They communicate by computer; she manages to develop a spectral avatar that accompanies Johan to save the world.

Gabriel Martínez: Personal characteristics: Brave, intelligent, and compassionate, age: 32 years, country of birth: Mexico, profession: Paranormal investigator.

Victoria Sullivan: Personal characteristics: Determined, intuitive and empathetic, age: 28 years old, country of birth: United States, profession: Medium and expert in purification rituals.

Maxime Dubois:

- Personal characteristics: Bold, cunning, and determined.

- Age: 35 years.

- Country of birth: France.

- Profession: Hunter of supernatural creatures.

Li Wei:

- Personal characteristics: Serene, wise and disciplined.

- Age: 60 years.

- Country of birth: China.

- Profession: Master of martial arts and expert in spiritual energy.

Sofia Petrova:

- Personal characteristics: Energetic, intuitive, and mysterious.

- Age: 26 years.

- Country of birth: Russia.

- Profession: Sorceress and expert in ancient magic.

Alejandro Torres:

- Personal characteristics: Loyal, brave, and protective.

- Age: 40 years.

- Country of birth: Colombia.

- Profession: Exorcist and expert in confronting evil entities.

Maya Kapoor:

- Personal characteristics: Sensitive, curious, and insightful.

- Age: 30 years.

- Country of birth: India.

- Profession: Paranormal phenomena researcher and symbology expert.

Viktor Ivanov:

- Personal characteristics: Serious, reserved and determined.

- Age: 45 years.

- Country of birth: Russia.

- Profession: Scientist specialized in supernatural energies.

Isabella Santos:

- Personal characteristics: Charismatic, intuitive, and spiritual.

- Age: 34 years.

- Country of birth: Brazil.

- Profession: Healer and spiritual guide.

William Johnson:

- Personal characteristics: Observer, analytical and methodical.

- Age: 55 years.

- Country of birth: United Kingdom.

- Profession: Historian of the occult and expert in cursed artifacts.

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About the creator

carlos quiñones
carlos quiñones / Literature

“La suma de todas las irrealidades es la maxima de la creatividad”

Desde el año 2011 me entregue de lleno a mi pasion de escribir vendiendo mi carro, para poder tener el tiempo y dinero necesario para escribir, desde entonces han pasado 13 años y aun continuo escribiendo. Hoy expongo mis guiones para series episodicas y para peliculas de dieferentes generos.

Hoy en dia me encuentro en Estados Unidos, la meca del cine mundial, espero les agrade mis trabajos.

Since 2011 I gave myself fully to my passion of writing by selling my car, to be able to have the time and money necessary to write, since then 13 years have passed and I still continue writing. Today I present my scripts for episodic series and for films of different genres.

Today I am in the United States, the mecca of world cinema, I hope you like my work.

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