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About the work

Production name: Black Cat town.

Production type: Movies.

Genre production: Suspense.

Logline Project: the tragic death of the son of a sugar mill will bring about mysterious disappearances in the forgotten town of Gato Negro.

Learn more about the film: The revenge of Reina, Carmelo's mother, her only son who dies tragically unleashes a series of disappearances in a distant and forgotten town called Gato Negro, a mixture of mysticism, religious syncretism and hidden lives will keep us awake without wanting to fall asleep at 9 pm on the Gato Negro curve and not die trying.

Greed, corruption, lust, and revenge mixed like bitter molasses spread throughout this town...


Carmelo Berutti (Smith) 22: Young industrial engineer, graduates from the university of Los Llanos, travels from the town to the headquarters, is going to get married, girlfriend is going to be a lawyer, they see each other when she comes on vacation, she has a wedding date.

Sofia Gorandola (Browm) 20: law student, eldest daughter, religious, her father the governor's driver.

Reina de Berutti (Peterson) 55: industrial engineer, (on the office desk he has a Bible that the nun gave her, for giving a donation to the church.

Marcelo Berutti (Smith) 50: abuser of employees, of his wife, alcoholic, does not want his son's marriage to Sofia.

Julián Terán (Jensen) Governor 50: talks about corruption in the sugar mill with the driver inside the car.

Yolanda (Jones), wife of the governor 40: rides in the car with the governor and the driver, secretly signs papers in the office, leaves a briefcase in the driver's car, enters her daughter's room, Sofia possessed, talks to Julián to find a cure for the girl.

Sofia (Jensen) 10: daughter of the governor, she suffers from demonic possession, they keep her locked in the room, she talks about how she is a daughter of sin, that the people are possessed by Beelzebub, and she is the hosts of hell itself, she curses her father, and his mother.

Fernando Gorandola (Brown) 50: driver of the governor, strict, four daughters, room full of money stolen from the central office, talks about divorce with Reina, lives in the house on the farm.

María Concepción de Gorandola (Hansen) 50: housewife, smokes tobacco in the patio, buries a spell.

Doña Rosa, witch 60: house full of black cats.

El Catire 20: (tall, strong black) son of the witch.

Federico 18: farmer, delivery bicycle, drunks, visit to María Concepción.

Cesar 20: farmer, delivery bicycle, drunks. Visit to María Concepción.

Francisco 70: priest of the church, walks with a cane.

Genaro González (Davis) 50: Guillermo's brother, truck driver, lover of Reina Berutti.

Juan Antonio Jiménez 19: recruit comes to visit the family in town.

Gaspar Reinoso 60: cane farmer, walks in the procession, delivers bicycle.

Cesar Reinoso 20: farmer. He walks in the procession, delivering bicycles.

Sister Gaspi (Anderson): beautiful woman dressed in black (nun) 40.

Fernando Gaspi (Anderson) 50: police inspector, returns from the city for transfer, investigates disappearances.

Luz María (Gladston), pregnant 25, doctor: Lover of Jorge Miguelon and Lover of Genaro González. She visits the witch to take the property from Guillermo.

Guillermo 30: husband of Luz María.

Israel 10: playing in the water canals, walking in the procession, attending church, collecting fireflies in a jar, tasting chimo, getting drunk on chimo.

Antonio 10: playing in the sugarcane canals, they walked in the procession, attends church, collects fireflies in a jar, tastes chimo, gets drunk with chimo, disappears around the bend, mother gives him a jet bracelet.

Jorge Miguelon (Larson) 40: central employee, new truck, shotgun, conspires with Reina to kill her husband.

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Date: Mar 6 2024 00:30 UTC
Author: Pulgie
License: All rights reserved

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About the creator

carlos quiñones
carlos quiñones / Literature

“La suma de todas las irrealidades es la maxima de la creatividad”

Desde el año 2011 me entregue de lleno a mi pasion de escribir vendiendo mi carro, para poder tener el tiempo y dinero necesario para escribir, desde entonces han pasado 13 años y aun continuo escribiendo. Hoy expongo mis guiones para series episodicas y para peliculas de dieferentes generos.

Hoy en dia me encuentro en Estados Unidos, la meca del cine mundial, espero les agrade mis trabajos.

Since 2011 I gave myself fully to my passion of writing by selling my car, to be able to have the time and money necessary to write, since then 13 years have passed and I still continue writing. Today I present my scripts for episodic series and for films of different genres.

Today I am in the United States, the mecca of world cinema, I hope you like my work.

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