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About the work

Production name: GALIP

Production type: Series.

Production genre: fiction.

Logline Project: Doctor Jesús Salvador, geologist, paleontologist, direct descendant of Noah, Jewish parents, husband, father, has nightmares of the destruction of the world, is not religious, travels to a UN convention in the Dominican Republic to save the world.

Learn more about the film: Galip; the curse. Mist, science, and the end of the world.

A family travels from Europe to the Dominican Republic, the man unknowingly brings a curse from generation to generation that turns him into a werewolf, another family travels from Mexico at the resort they meet a descendant of a weretiger, his great-great-grandfather was a werewolf, they arrive To the island, descendants of bear men, descendants of Russia, hyena men from Africa, come to a convention for climate change, they are all learned biologists, geologists, geophysicists, naturists, lion men from Africa.

Doctor Jesús Salvador, born in El Salvador, graduated from the University of Oxford, to a Jewish father and mother, a scientist is a direct descendant of Noah, he finds remains of Noah's ark in Dominican, he has the power to converse with living beings (since he was a child he listened the voices of living beings), discovers the curse that is about to destroy the planet, through Galipote, with parts of a tree and stone, he gathers the materials where Galipote comes to life, who tells him what he must do to avoid another universal flood, like avoid a volcanic inferno and a global freeze.

Doctor Jesús Salvador visits the spiritual world where all the species extinct in the last century exist along with Galipote, beast men and his wife as a swan woman.

Doctor Jesús Salvador suffers from the 7 stigmata, one each year, and it remains in his body for seven years to reverse the end of the world as the date of the end as described by Galipote draws closer.

Doctor Jesús Salvador receives a visit from Noe in her dreams, to give him instructions and advice.

Doctor Jesus Salvador meets with each beast man and defeats him, without killing him, to form a group that can defeat the human zombies, who are destroying the planet.

Doctor Jesús Salvador meets with the gods moon, sun, sea, sky, the last 4 years before the end, one year each, he confronts them and defeats them.

Doctor Jesús Salvador suffers every new year from a new stigma, his wife was found on the bank of a lake, next to white swans, she has a white feather coming out of her hair, next to her other swan women are the guardians of Galipote who ultimately rescue him from prison.

Together with the beast men Jesús Salvador carries out the 17 UN sustainability goals by chapter where Joe Burdotk prevents each goal from being achieved, one by one with a deadline, where the gods of fire, air, earth, sea, they will destroy humans definitively in the last four years and in the last year they display all their fury, the human Zombie army is led by Reptilians accomplices of Joe Burdotk.

Doctor Jesús Salvador, in the end he fights against the annoying gods, against the Zombie army, the Nephilim giants and the reptilian army.

All the scientists' wives are swan women, some have black feathers, others red, green, gold, purple feathers that come out of their hair

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Date: Mar 5 2024 23:25 UTC
Author: Pulgie
License: All rights reserved

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About the creator

carlos quiñones
carlos quiñones / Literature

“La suma de todas las irrealidades es la maxima de la creatividad”

Desde el año 2011 me entregue de lleno a mi pasion de escribir vendiendo mi carro, para poder tener el tiempo y dinero necesario para escribir, desde entonces han pasado 13 años y aun continuo escribiendo. Hoy expongo mis guiones para series episodicas y para peliculas de dieferentes generos.

Hoy en dia me encuentro en Estados Unidos, la meca del cine mundial, espero les agrade mis trabajos.

Since 2011 I gave myself fully to my passion of writing by selling my car, to be able to have the time and money necessary to write, since then 13 years have passed and I still continue writing. Today I present my scripts for episodic series and for films of different genres.

Today I am in the United States, the mecca of world cinema, I hope you like my work.

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