005 Say That You Will Lyrics
Lucio Paracino
Oviedo - Spain
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About the creator

Buenos Aires’s native, Lucio Paracino first solo project trying to produce music that showcases his craft as a songwriter. It all has been recorded and mixed at home, done entirely independently. Writing all the material himself, he mixes and matches a wide variety of styles, while trying to never lose track of his hard-rock vision. Strident and direct melodies that stay with you. Catchy choruses and upbeat rhythms, joyful-feeling moments, electronic processed beats as a rhythmic section with a highly charged punk melodies. Simultaneously embarking upon a voyage of self-discovery, his songs comes from an infite hand-crafted journals full of articles, albums releases, photographs, sparks of lyrics and inspirational notes while living and daydreaming in London. Quite often starting from guitar arrangements found on old recorded tapes.I’d come up with any song title that could match any of those recordings, while reading a free magazine seated on a double-decker bus in London.When the lyrics were added to the existing melodies suddenly there was colour.

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