Storage space 500 Mb15 Gb100 Gb
Public information and registration management Last year registrationsAll registrationsAll registrations
"All Rights Reserved" registrations -
Informative labels
Registration profiles
Multiple works edition
Creator information space -
Inscription at the U.S. Copyright Office 6 free processings 1
Automated registration (RSS) -
Complete registration of Wordpress blogs -
Dropbox, Google Drive and Google Photos automated registration -
Registration certificate -
Private registration (no public information) -
Works and evaluation versions -
Multiauthorship registration -
Pseudonym on user profile -
Attach files to user profile -
Attach files to works -
Reserve registration codes -
Add registration info to registered files -
Registration proof download -
Copyright experts assistance: consultations, contract wizard, legal knowledge base1 -
"Cease & desist" notifications -
Registration of rights --
Registration on behalf of managed clients3 --50 expendables
Customized labels --
Licenses for using account --
Price per year FREE USD 97.20 USD 410.40
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1 USCO fees and financial costs apply always (€85 plus taxes).
Cost for additional processings is €25 plus taxes.

2 Consultations and other assistance services are provided by copyright experts, not by lawyers, and do not constitute legal advice nor imply an attorney-client relationship with the user.

3 Up to 50 clients. If you need more than 50 clients or 100 Gb you can contact us to purchase a custom configuration.

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