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Once you get your work registered in Safe Creative you get to have a solid proof of authorship that lets you publish and share your work safely and an information and service platform from which you can also::

Send your work to the United States Copyright Office. U.S. Copyright Office (USCO) is part of the Library of Congress of the United States and its main function is to be the registration office where documents relating to copyright are stored and registered.

The Office also assists the U.S. government on copyright issues, including the provision of reports and assistance in drafting legislation..


Crea TV Place

Crea TV Place is a unique space for promotion and contact with major worldwide television companies and producers. It makes the complex job of making your format known all around the world as easy as a click.

The platform integrates Safe Creative TV formats copyright registry, delivering to creators an irrefutable authorship evidence to showcase their works with the highest security.



Portal to promote registered in Safe Creative works.


Copyright management for your works through services designed for producers and audiovisual industry at large with. EGEDA represents and defends worldwide the interests of audiovisual producers and their rights derived, recognized and protected, from the Copyright Law.

The society is nonprofit and adherence is optional.


Acquisition ISAN code (for films, series, documentaries, video games …)

The ISAN code is a voluntary numbering system, similar to the ISBN used for publishing or the ISWC for musical tracks, for the identification of audiovisual works. Each ISAN code identifies a unique audiovisual work and remains unchanged throughout the life of the work, regardless of language, format or use that is given to it. The ISAN code is a unique reference number, permanent and internationally recognized for audiovisual works identification.

It’s a tool that improves the management and operations of the global audiovisual industry and its use as a simple and unambiguous reference to the work is used by many organizations, including the Property Registry of Spain.


Distribution in the online movie portal, thus adding to the catalog of this website audiovisual public.



  • Technology and innovation: is always be at the forefront of technology, allowing his works constantly benefit of highest standards of quality and safety in each moment.
  • Total security: guarantees maximum safety of your work using the viewing streaming on-real, which is not stored or downloaded on any device, thus preventing illegal copying.
  • Dissemination and control: Through you will ensure your presence in every corner of the planet and monitor which countries you want your works to be abailable.
  • High profitability: offers maximum benefits, without others to enrich from you.
  • The best promotion: lets you enjoy a promotional and advertising tool for your present, past and future works, through sections like news, monographics. billboard and upcoming releases.


Professional promotion of audiovisual works.

veoPromo offers two major advantages to the producer. The first more safety for audiovisual content as streaming viewing technology used bears no physical copy of content and is limited to the use of the identification code assigned and, if necessary, authorized IP addresses. The second advantage is the saving on production and shipping costs of material, as there is no need to send any kind of hardware.


Veo ClipsSequencing service for audiovisuals to be commercially used.

veoclips allows and manages the use of sequences produced in TVs, advertisement agencies, festivals, etc. around the world in a very simple way, and also helps to promote them in a professional platform: VIDEOCLIPS, with search systems and tools allowing them to be sent around the globe.


qsquienportal that lets you keep in touch with all the Latin American audiovisual sector, for the benefit of your projects.



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