What are professional services and how do they work?

[faq answer]

-The Basic Service: It is free and open to any user, author or copyright holder of a work protected by the Copyright Law. Provides all the basic registration features and web storage space up to 2Gb.

and the Professional Accounts:

Premium Account: Is a paid service that can be bought for a small fee, besides expanding the registry up to 5GBb storage space, adds interesting features not existing in the Basic Service.

Professional Account: A paid service. That includes all the features included in the Premium Service, with storage up to 10Gb and all the legal support functions of Safe Creative.

Corporate Accounts are those professional accounts design for corporations. This account allows all professional features* with a limit of up to 20GB that can be increased with the purchase of additional storage packs.

*Corporations might hire the text tracking and alert service directly with our partner Attributor.

To check prices go to http://www.safecreative.org/pro  and  https://www.safecreative.org/corporate

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  1. The payment is for a year and you can register unlimited songs a month until you fill your 5G reserved space. Also you can add more Gb to your account.

    If your rights are infringed you can use our registration certificate to negociate or as an authorship evidence in a trial. Also if you inform about the registration each time you publish, the possibility of infraction reduces.

  2. Hi I will like to buy Premium Account: and it is 40 euros for a year or for a month ?

    and How many songs Can register?

    and if somevbody copy my rights what will be next?

    ‘cos I live in mexico.

    Kind Regards.

    Jorge Zambra Isaac.

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