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Madrid, March 9, 2011 .- Creative Commons, Médecins Sans Frontières and Safe Creative have launched Licensing For Commons a new solidarity licensing system that allows authors to channel part or all of the sales or licensing income of specific works to a solidarity action. Médecins Sans Frontières and Creative Commons will be the first organizations to benefit from the system.

The operative is quite simple: when registering a work in the online copyright certification registry Safe Creative, authors might establish what percentage, if any, of the revenue received by licensing or selling the content will be sent to a worthy cause and to what specific organization. From there on, Safe Creative will send those amounts, once genereated by end users purchases, to the referred organizations.

“We wanted,” – says Juan Palacio, CEO at Safe Creative, – “to help transform the dissemination of creativity into solidarity actions too. Our goal is that the Internet shared creativity might become basic support for non-profits.” At launch, the platform allows to choose between two internationally recognized organizations; one for its fundamental work in promoting the open dissemination and protection of culture, Creative Commons, and another for its outstanting humanitarian work, Médecins Sans Frontières.

The author decides the price per copy of their work or licensing agreements to be payed, and notes how much he or she wants to channel to the non-profit. In line with its own values and principles, Safe Creative does not benefit from the use of its platform for Licensing for Commons, as will donate to the same organization and at the same percentage as the author does the proportional cost of the transaction commission.

“Convinced that there is a new reality regards communication and distribution in the field of copyrighted content,” says Juan Palacio, “we have been the first ones to launch, within the online copyright certification service Safe Creative, a platform to allow direct and independent licensing rights with the content rights holders. Now we endow an innovative dimension of solidarity which we call ‘For Commons’ that, in line with the values of Safe Creative, makes possible the transformation in real tangible solidarity of part of the value that people share on the Internet, as each author determines. ”

Safe Creative is an online copyright certification registry in line with the digital reality and new tendencies. It is a Spanish Internet pioneer project that developed the first platform for registering, reporting and self-independently manage copyrights, and open to all possible rights protection policies. There are already more than half a million works enjoying Safe Creative features and more than 50,000 registered creators and rights holders.

Solidarity creativity in one click.
The system uses the licensing and sale platform of Safe Creative and allows, in only three simple steps, to share creativity and solidarity

Update March 14th 2011: Instead of MSF, donations will be able to be made to GSON (Bunabumali Project, Uganda) as urgent help is required there.

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