News about Safe Creative and Congress

In about one month Safe Creative is going to add a communication channel for programs, also called API with semantic web applications: A door through which any program can query us about rights info from a specific file and get a comprehensive answer.

“We are very excited working towards this contribution, as we are convinced that the challenges technology has put on copyright issues have the solution again with technology without the need to undermine the rights of some citizens in favour of the rights of others” explains Juan Palacio, CEO from Safe Creative.

We are working on solutions to lower the barriers some groups want to put against the free distribution of common culture. It’s vital that the new ways to help distribution and communication get not to be closed down for those who use them to liberate their creations, but avoiding at the same time, and as far as possible, injure the rights of the ones who opt not to.

May 20th we are discussing with some of the most relevant actors in this issues about copyright registries, authorship, information, about the possibilities of semantic technologies and will invite all to construct a Web in which contents can live both free and respecting the rights of authors. More information about the event here:

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