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Open source libraries in different programming languages for accessing the Safe Creative API.

We would like to have wrappers/libs in other languages. If you want to contribute, please contact us: api-management AT safecreative.org.

Safe Creative official wrappers

These wrappers have been developed by Safe Creative. They are fully supported and updated regularly.


Official Safe Creative Java API/Wrapper Download

Source code at GitHub: https://github.com/safecreative/safecreative-java-api


Official Safe Creative PHP API at GitHub: https://github.com/safecreative/safecreative-php-api


The following wrappers have been created by third-party developers. Safe Creative does not offer support for them and you should contact the author for any issue.


Thounds.com's ruby library at GitHub: https://github.com/thounds/safecreative


@ehooo's python library at GitHub: https://github.com/ehooo/safecreative-python-api