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Here you can find the complete reference for each of the components available in the API, grouped by functionality.

You can also access an alphabetical list of API components for quick reference of a particular component.

Standard API

Authorization and validation

These functions are used for assistance in working with other functions

Master tables

To query values for fixed data (licenses, work types,...) used as parameters in other functions

Works info

To get data about works, download them or get registration certificates

Works management

To upload, register and delete works

User info

To get data about users


To register more rights holders for a work

Partners API

You must be a partner to use these functions.

Work download

User management

These functions allow to create and modify user accounts on Safe Creative.

Public API

To search for works and query public registration data.

These services are public and no application key is needed to use them.

Public work info


Semantic services

To get a work registration info from a digital fingerprint of its contents.

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