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Information for authors

Sale, licensing and copyright management for your works

Directly manage the licensing and sale of digital copies of your work through the Internet.

With Safe Creative, you can directly manage the sale of digital copies and licensing of your works via the Internet in three simple steps:

  1. Register your work
  2. Activate the option you like:
    • Work sale, indicating the selling price per copy
    • Licensing, to negotiate each contract individually
  3. Now you can put the provided link or label on any web page to manage those sales automatically. The labels will also be shown at the registration information page on Safe Creative.

Safe Creative platform for rights self-management will manage your sales, which you can check and withdraw from your control panel at Safe Creative.. It will also automatically generate contracts with specific licensing conditions requested by the user. From the control panel rights holders can accept, reject, put a price on the contracts, and even request legal support if necessary.

This platform also allows the option for solidarity selling and licensing: the author might set a percentage of the payment for the license of content to be channeled to the nonprofit he or she chooses.

Besides a centralized self-management and protection of copyrights platform, Safe Creative Registry also offers consulting services and legal support.



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